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Welcome to SW2D

SW2D (Shallow Water 2D) is a C++ package dedicated to shallow water modeling with additional features such as porosity modeling (upscaling), passive transport, multi-layer models.

The package provides the following main functionalities :
  • Shallow Water flows: finite volumes, unstructured mesh, HLLC Riemann solver, uexplicit, adaptive time-stepping.

  • Porosity: single, DIP, MP, DDP.

  • Biology: passive transport, etc.

For examples illustrating those functionalities, see the Examples section.

Input/Output can be generated / viewed using Surface-water Modeling System, Blue Keynue


There are many different ways to install SW2D, in order to help you, the instructions have been detailed (more to come).

Gitlab repository

The GitLab repository is maintained by members of the Lemon team. Use the issue section to contact us if you have difficulties or issues.


Shallow Water 2D will be shortly licenced under the terms of the Inria-UM licence. Many people have contributed to Shallow Water 2D. Some of the contributors are listed in the Credits. If Shallow Water 2D contributes to a project that leads to a scientific publication, please acknowledge this work by Citing the project.


External contributions in SW2D are not open yet. Please contact us so that we can keep you posted.