2.3.9. swPipeline

Defined in swCore/swCore.h

class swPipeline : public QObject

The swPipeline is the class that will launch the simulation.

It needs to have settings which will be used to choose which schem to use for the communication and to create a mesh.

Public Functions

swPipeline(swParam *param)


  • settings: pointer to defined settings



void execute(void)
swData *data(void)
swMesh *mesh(void)

Return pointer to mesh.

swVTKConverter *converter(void)

Public Slots

void init(void)

Initialize pipeline this function will choose which schem to use for the communication based on the settings and create the mesh.


void initialized(void)

this signal will be emitted at the end of the init function

void progress(double time)

signal emitted each time a new timestep has been computed by swTimeLoop

void save(double time, const QString &path)

signal emitted when simulation data should be saved.

forwarded from swTimeLoop

void started(void)
void finished(void)

signal emitted when this pipeline reach end_time.

It won’t be emitted if the simulation is interrupted

Private Members

swPipelinePrivate *d

Run pipeline (execute TimeLoop) this function will create a swTimeLoop and call the method run of this timeloop.


number of executed timesteps